happy planner review

happy planner review

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Okay, who out there is trying to get organized and set mindful goals for the new year? I’ll raise my hand for that one. I, however, definitely am a person that needs to write things out and visualize my week / month / year. It helps me see that I can get it done!

In 2019, I have set a decent amount of goals for myself personally, professionally (with my day job), and with my blog! I’m excited to get to work, but first wanted to get a good planner so that I could map out my to-do’s in all three of those realms.

I stumbled upon the Happy Planner because there was a sale at JoAnns (somehow they always get me!) I read reviews and found that some other bloggers that I admire also use this planner! I figured if it was good enough for them, it was good enough for me. Plus, at only $17.99 (currently on sale) it was a no-brainer.

Now, planners are obviously for the mundane day-to-day tasks and plans, but its also a fun way to express your creativity! You don’t just have to leave the pages bland and boring. Liven them up! Add stickers, washi tape, scrapbook paper, fun colors, you name it! Make it your own. Make it a keepsake. Make it a memory keeper for the year! It’s fun to look back at your year once you hit December and see all of the fun things you did :)

I ordered it online, picked it up in-store, and was so excited to get my calendar going and my goals mapped out! As I dove in, here were some things that I loved as well as some improvements that would help me in my own world.

Things I love:

  • There is a monthly view as well as a weekly view

  • Each month there is a goal-setting sheet which helps you stay on track!

  • 2019 and 2020 full year view so you can see important dates next year as well

  • The weekly view has large vertical sections for each day with plenty of room, further broken out into three difference sections so that you can gather your thoughts however you’d like

    • I plan on using these for the different areas of my life - one section for my personal/fitness life, one section for my professional life in the finance world, and one section for my blog

  • You can easily remove the pages and then put them back in. Doesn’t sound exciting, but don’t you hate when you are getting close to the binding and you just can’t write properly?! I do! This solves that problem

  • I haven’t even gotten into the world of making my planner all pretty like those amazing bloggers out there do, but there are plenty of ways to pretty this bad boy up! They make tons of additional items - pockets, stickers, washi tape, you name it!

  • So far, I love the plastic binding rings. They are a full circle so pages don’t fall out, and the coil doesn’t unwind like the wire ones, and all that mumbo-jumbo.

  • There are tons of designs available, so I am sure one will strike your fancy!


  • Not 100% sure if I would want this change - but possibly an option to have a hard cover instead of the flexible laminated cover. Maybe it is just because I am used to a hardcover. I will update my review in a month or so :)

  • No note pages automatically included - but can easily add them in

Overall - I think y’all should get one! They make planning super fun, which can sometimes be a hard task to achieve. Get yours here :)

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