personalized coloring book

personalized coloring book

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Okay - who out there LOVES the Target dollar spot?! It is one of the greatest places to score a deal - and I feel like it is slightly higher quality than the dollar store. Win win!

Oh - and you can get Starbucks while you shop. Game over.

Anyways, lately they have been having these super fun 8 packs of blank books in super cute colors! They are $3, so if my math is correct (and I am a CPA so I sure hope it is), they are only 38 cents per book! I love a good deal.

I used to take a sharpie and handletter names on these myself, but now that I am exploring the glorious world of Cricut machine + Vinyl, I’ve started to use that method. With that being said, you can still make this project with Sharpies instead of using your Cricut!

I decided to make a set of personalized coloring books for the kiddos in my extended family. My mom is 1 of 12, so we have a very large family on her side. For the holiday season, we always get together a week (or a few weeks) after the holidays because that is easiest for everyone! With that gathering coming up, I wanted to get some crafting supplies ready for the kids to have an activity to do, so I thought these would be a cute addition. Side note: The dollar store also has amazing coloring books, so check out their selection before spending $3-5 anywhere else!



Step One: In Cricut Design Space, add text boxes for the name(s) that you want to cut out. I used the font “Sugar + Spice” (but not the cursive version) from I am slightly obsessed.


Step Two: Cut these bad boys out on your Cricut! On my Explore One Cricut, I set it to the dot after vinyl and weed out the excess material so that all you have left on the backing of the vinyl is the word as you’d like it.

Step Three: Grab your transfer tape, stick it on top of the cut-out vinyl, and press/scrape it pretty hard.


Step Four: Peel back the transfer tape slowly, ensuring the vinyl is coming off with the tape. If it isn’t, gently press back down hard again.


Step Five: Once the word is on your transfer tape, center it where you’d like it on your notebook, press/scrape.


Step Six: Gently/slowly peel back the transfer tape ensuring that the vinyl word is sticking to the notebook. Done!

personalized coloring book

Such an easy and simple way to add some personalization to a Valentine’s gift this year!

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