diy cricut paper wreath

diy cricut paper wreath

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This DIY is for all of you Cricut owners out there! If you don’t own one yet, you should look into it! They are so versatile, and make crafting SUPER easy. I love mine! I still have my old version and it works about 5 years later! Great investment.

I found this project on JoAnn fabrics CreativeBug crafting website. This provides tutorials for so many different projects! For a monthly fee, you can learn so many new tricks and trades. Get your first month free, too!

This project was posted by one of my all-time favorite crafters, Damask Love. I found her on NBC’s Making It show - a craft competition hosted by two of my absolute favorites - Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler. It is now streaming on Netflix, so if you are into crafting, CHECK IT OUT!

Okay - so to get started!

DIY Paper Embroidery Hoop Wreath



Step One: first you will open the wreath file in Cricut Design Space that is already formatted by Damask Love (or your can size it yourself if you don’t have CreativeBug - link here)

Step Two: Load your first paper color which will be the main top color (my Green) and cut

Step Three: Load your second paper color which will be the next color showing (my Light Pink) and cut

Step Four: Load your third paper color which will be the other color showing through the green (my Bright Pink) and cut

Step Five: Load your fourth paper color which will be the bow! (also my Bright Pink) and cut

Step Six: Now that all of your pieces are cut, you will hot glue them together! Make sure you do not put any hot glue where the cardstock will show through on the wreath. You can use the line cuts as guidelines to get the layers together and perfectly aligned :)

Step Seven: Hot glue on the bow!

Step Eight: Lather on some glue onto the 8” embroider hoop (no perfect science here!) and just stick that bad boy onto the hoop!


DIY Paper Wreath

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