pom pom drink stirrers

pom pom drink stirrers

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Deck the halls with these pom-pom drink stirrers!

I know I promised I would lay off the yarn projects soon, but come on. These are so fun! I got this idea from one of my favorite blogs A Kailo Chic Life where she made these drink stirrers with felted yarn pom-poms.  I want to try that out, too! Such an adorable look.  I decided to take that and add some more whimsy will full on pom-poms as I’ve shown before in my pom-pom tutorial post or in my pom-pom garland post. Gimme all the pom-poms!

As always, we need to grab our supplies before we start.

DIY Pom Pom Drink Stirrer

For this project, you’ll need yarn for the pom-poms, acrylic drink stirrers, a hot glue gun (with glue as well, obviously), a mini pom-pom maker, cheap small ornaments (I picked up a tube of 15 at the dollar store for - wait for it - ONE DOLLAR) and scissors!  All of the supplies that I used are linked at the end of this post for your convenience.

First thing you will want to do is make all of your pom-poms.  You can view my pom-pom tutorial here.


Once your pom-poms are done, you’ll want to get your hot glue gun plugged in and ready. You will then put some glue onto the top of the acrylic stirrer (the little round ball end) and just shove it on into the pom-pom.  Press the pom-pom down firmly around the stirrer.


Your pom-pom is now attached to the stirrer.  You can stop here and leave them as whimsical pom-pom stirrers - or add the fun little ornament topper to give it a festive vibe! I bought a tube of cheap ornaments from the dollar store, and just pulled the tops off.  They came off pretty easily.  I then put a fairly generous amount of hot glue onto the bottom of the ornament topper and again just stuck it right into the pom-pom. No perfect science here!


And just like that - you’ve got your stirrer! Make a few of these in various colors for your next holiday party or Friendsgiving and your guests will surely be impressed.  


FYI this fun print is from  Minor Details CLE ! I love all of her stuff so make sure you check out her website!

FYI this fun print is from Minor Details CLE! I love all of her stuff so make sure you check out her website!

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