tassel wall-hanging tutorial

tassel wall-hanging tutorial

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I know - another yarn project. I promise I will change it up soon!  I needed to add some more texture and fun to our playroom in the basement and I thought this would be the perfect way to do so.  You can change this up with any colors you’d like to make it as monochromatic or as colorful as you wish!  I like adding in different vibes to a room, too.  This one sings “boho-chic” and I just love mixing that in with my current décor.

First - let’s gather the supplies.  For this one, all ya need is a wooden dowel (I used a 3/4” because Pat Catan’s was out of the 1” when I went), yarn in any color, and scissors!


Now, let’s get to it! Basically all you are creating are tassels around the wooden dowel.  Nothing added to keep them secure, as they will just be hanging on a wall with not much disruption.

Select your first color and figure out how long you want it to hang from the dowel.  If you want it to be 6” long once on the dowel, you first have to double that (because in order to make it into the tassel, it will have to folded in half) and then I would add approximately 3” to allow for the room it will take to wrap it around the dowel. 

So, for this example, we are cutting 15” pieces of yarn.  You will want to cut anywhere from 15-20 pieces (in the one shown I cut 17 pieces of yarn for each “tassel”) at the same length.  Once you have cut them all, you will fold the group of yarn in half and place a “loop” over the dowel as shown below.


Now, wrap that “loop” portion over/behind/around the dowel and string all of the long pieces of yarn through that loop and pull tight! You now have created your first tassel on the dowel!

IMG_0339 v2.JPG

Just repeat this process for as many tassels as you’d like!

I also added some additional texture by braiding one of my tassels.  I followed the same process, but once it was attached to the dowel, I then sectioned that tassel into three pieces and braided it.  In order to secure it at the bottom, I cut of a small piece of yarn separately, and tied that tightly around the bottom of the braid.

Don’t you want to put these everywhere?! I know I do!


  • Wooden Dowel $2.98  (I got mine from a craft store but was unable to find it online - this is the same thing and you can make 2 with it!")

  • Yarn $3.99 (not the same that I used - but any cheap yarn will do!)

  • Scissors

Now get craftin’!

Collage on Wall.JPG
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