pom pom tutorial

pom pom tutorial

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Pom-poms are my new favorite thing.  They are quick and easy to make and can be used in so many different ways! From garlands, to decorative accents and everywhere in between - everyone should learn how to make these!

The first thing you must do, as always, is gather up your supplies. I will include a linked list towards the bottom of the post, but you will need a pom pom maker, scissors, and yarn.  That’s it!

Once your supplies are gathered, you are ready to get started! Grab your pom pom maker, and spread it open.  There are instructions on the back of the package that are fairly easy to follow, so you can use that as a guide.  I have also included a picture below of how to open it up.


You will notice that each “arm” has two separate pieces.  In order to get the best pom possible, you will want to make sure the two prongs are even when wrapping the yarn around the full “arm.”  Once that pom-pom maker is open, you may begin wrapping your yard around one of the “arms.”  I start at one end and work my way to the other.  There is no perfect science here, however I will let you know that I do not do one even layer of yarn.  I try to do multiple layers and just wrap wrap wrap in order to get a fuller pom.


Once one arm is fully wrapped, you can let the remaining string hang and close the arm back into its normal circular position.  Once closed, cut that hanging string off.


Now that the first “arm” is fully complete, do the exact same thing on the other arm and then close that one up so you have a full circle!


Now you get to snip away! You will take your scissors and insert them into the groove of the arms so that you are cutting through the yarn.  You will do this around the entire circle.


Once you have cut your way around the entire circle, you are ready for the final steps!  In order to keep the pom together, you have to wrap an additional piece of yarn tightly around the middle so that once you release the pom, it all fluffs out!  In order to do this, cut off a piece of yarn (at least long enough to tie it around the pom-maker).  You will wrap it around / into the divet that you just cut through.  Tie your yarn tightly in a double knot.  This will ensure that your pom will be nice and tight!


And NOW…your pom will take shape! Once tied off, you can pull the two sides of the pom-maker apart!  Once apart, you will see your pom come alive before your eyes!


Once fully apart, trim off any uneven pieces and voila! Pom Poms galore!!  Enjoy guys - and happy crafting!

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