pom pom wreath tutorial

pom pom wreath tutorial

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Who else is gearing up for the holidays?! I am getting ready to break out the Christmas décor as soon as we get back from our Thanksgiving in Chicago. This year’s décor will definitely involve pom poms and tassels galore!

For the mantel, I envisioned a pom pom wreath.  During a trip to Frankenmuth, MI this past weekend, I cranked out dozens of large poms - perfect to create my own wreath!  Now, I know on this blog I show lots of color, but most of my home is pretty neutral.  So for MY wreath, I just wanted a neutral cream with a small bow - maybe in a green or navy! But once I got to A.C. Moore (my local craft store near where I work) I found a gorgeous wine-colored velvet ribbon. Sold!

And so here goes.  First, as always, ya gotta grab your supplies. 


Unfortunately, I didn’t photograph ALL of the supplies, but I have a fully linked list towards the end of this post. You’ll need yarn, scissors and Pom Pom makers to make the poms as described in my tutorial here.

You’ll also need additional yarn, scissors, a wire wreath form (I found mine at the dollar store!) ribbon (if you’d like a bow), and a hot glue gun.  

 Now, let’s grab those pom poms and get to work! For this project, I used 12 of the large-sized poms (find the link to the pom maker - which is the larger of the two - below). The way that I attached the poms to my wreath form was initially just by tying them on.  In order to do that, you’ll have to fish an extra piece of yarn through the center of the pom pom.  I didn’t use any super scientific approach here.  I just used the tips of my scissors to then string the yarn through.  See the pictures below. 


So you can see that I pushed the scissors through the center of the pom, gently used the tips of the scissors to grab one end of the yarn, and then pulled that yarn through. This would have been MUCH easier if I just bought a large enough needle to thread the yarn through, but I’m impatient and didn’t have that on hand so I got resourceful :)  

 Now that we have the yarn through the center of all 12 poms, you will then tie the poms onto the wreath form.  I double-knotted them around the center two wires as shown below.  Repeat this for all 12 poms and this should fill your wreath for the most part.


Above is how the wreath looked after all 12 large poms were tied on.  You will notice that there are some wire spots showing around the outer edge.  In order to cover these, I used 12 smaller poms (linked the pom maker below - the smaller of the two in the “small pom”link).  I tied these 12 smaller poms into the gaps between each larger pom along the outer ring.  I used the same process to tie them on, but tied them around the outer two wires instead of the center two wires.

Once everything is tied on, I used a little hot glue here and there to secure everything so it wouldn’t move around and show the wires.  You can do this wherever you think you need to!

Last thing you need to do is make the bow! I used a really pretty wine-colored velvet ribbon (linked similar below).  First, I cut a piece about 8” in length. 


I put a dot of hot glue on the "bad side” at one end, and create a large circle.


Then, flatten this circle out, and you have what will be the two loops of the bow.

Now, you want to create the center “knot” of the bow.  So I cut another piece of ribbon long enough to wrap around the center of the loop.  Mine was probably not longer than 2” but I didn’t measure.  You will do the same thing - place a dot of glue on the “good side” and then wrap the ribbon around the bow loops you already created.


You now have the top of the bow complete, and need to create the “legs” of the bow! So I just eyeballed how long I wanted them, and cut a little “V” shape off of the bottom . Again - just toss some hot glue on the “good side” at the top of each leg and stick it on the back of the bow!


Voila! Your beautiful bow has now come to life!


Again, with your handy-dandy glue gun, put some hot glue on the back of that bow and stick her wherever you think is right on your wreath! Ta da!!!


Your wreath is now complete! Fa-la-la-la-la!


What do y’all think? Are you going to make your own? I’d love to see your finished products! Comment / post below! Happy crafting!

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