diy whimsical mountains

diy whimsical mountains

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Finally a non-yarn project! Hooray!  

I love how fun and cheerful these snow-capped trees turned out! I was inspired by A Kailo Chic Life with her spotted trees, but thought I would do a slightly more traditional take on the trees. I wanted something that screamed CHEER but still looked like a tree :) I picked out a few colors while perusing the paint aisle at my local Pat Catan’s and this is the outcome! I’ll go through how I made these below. Hope you’ll make some too!

First, let me tell you, this is another SUPER easy project and could easily be done with your kiddos or for a crafting night with friends!  Warning: if incorporating children into the mix, it WILL get messy. Maybe just put a tarp over your whole house first ;)

I unfortunately did not take a ton of photos during the process, so if I make more, I will add some more in. But for now, let's go ahead and gather our supplies. 

Not the world’s best photo, but you can see how few supplies you need! Not pictured here - a foam paint brush. So you’ll need your paper mache cones (most craft stores have these in a variety of sizes, especially around Christmas) which I have linked an online source in the supplies list at the bottom of the post.  You will also need acrylic paint in the colors of your choice as well as white for the snow-capped look.  I went with matte paints because I didn’t want any glossy look - but you could definitely try out the satin finish as well! I have linked the paints that I used below. I just grabbed the cheapest I could find because I didn’t need anything special! Lastly, that foam brush that I mentioned.  You can get a pack of a bunch of foam brushes at the dollar store - or they also have them at any craft or hardware store!

Now that you have your supplies gathered, get painting! Take the fun color that you would like the majority of your tree to be, and paint the whole cone that color with your foam brush.  You most likely will need 2-3 coats in order to get full coverage. Wait about 5-10 minutes between each coat to let it dry.

Once your 2-3 coats are fully dried, you can then take another foam brush and paint the tops of the cones white! I started at the very tip and just did quick strokes downward so that it gave it that “brushed” effect.

It’s as easy as that!! How pretty would it be to do maybe 10-20 of these and line them all along your mantel for the Christmas season? I just might have to do that!

Other ideas I had with these (that I may create an additional post for) include:

  • White trees with a gold brushing at the top

  • Adding some glitter to the snow

  • Adding in some pom poms! (big shocker - I know)

Do you have any other ideas to enhance this project? Comment below!

Now for the supplies list:

  1. Paper Mache Cones You can find a variety of sizes here! You probably want to mix them up for more impact

  2. Foam Brushes You will want to have multiple of these - one for every color + one for the white snow

  3. Acrylic Paint I used the Darice brand and used the following colors: Matte Aqua, Matte Bright Pink, Matte Coral, Matte Yellow, Matte Pink

Would love to see your completed projects! Tag me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook @ConfettiFridays !!

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