diy pom-pom garland

diy pom-pom garland

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Guys - this pom-pom garland is SO easy!! And versatile!! I might make 100 more of these and put them in every room of the house.

After turning our old office into a first-floor kidzone, I decided I wanted to add some fun décor items to make it oven more kid-friendly. I had been eyeing pom-pom garlands for some time, but with the price tags pushing $20 for one garland, I wasn’t quite sold.

That’s when my friend Steph came to the rescue.  She mentioned that she had just made new pom poms for some of her winter hats since her pups decided to chew them up.  I asked to borrow her pom maker so that I could make my garland vision come to life! I’ll definitely be purchasing my own so that my pom-pom visions can come to life EVERYWHERE.

I did a couple test poms just to get a feel for how thick I would like them to be.  Eventually, after learning to wind them multiple times instead of just in one layer, I came up with what I thought was a good-sized pom!

In order to see the tutorial on the pom-poms, see my post here.

In order to string them together, I basically just fished a piece of yarn through the middle of the pom with my fingers - nothing too crazy! Once I fished the yarn through, I had to make it stay in place so I could ensure the poms were spaced out correctly.  In order to keep it in place, I tied a knot around the pom (once you tie it tight, it disappears into the pom!).

I strung together 15 poms (5 of each color), tied them off one at a time spacing them out about 6 inches apart, and voila! My pom-pom garland came to life!

To hang, I put nails into the molding around the window.  You could also use command hooks for a less-permanent solution.

Want to make your own?  Check out the supplies below and the pom-pom tutorial here!


  • Pom Pom Maker (Note: I used the larger 3 3/8” one)

  • Yarn $3-$4 per color (Note: this is not the brand I used, but very similar!)

  • Scissors $13-$20

pom pom tutorial

pom pom tutorial