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Confetti Fridays is a blog celebrating all that is fun in life - like confetti & Fridays!

My name is Karen Gall. I currently live in Cleveland, OH and am a wife to my amazing husband, Steve, a mama to my adorable chunky little one-year-old, Owen, and a puppy-mama to my pug bulldog Moses. 

I love pickles, margaritas, lattes and running. I hate green olives and Mondays. If I’m not at my day job or hanging with my fam, you can usually find me getting my nails done, online shopping, or researching new craft projects :)

I created this blog as an outlet for my creative side!  I work full-time in the finance world, but my weekends have always been filled with DIYs or crafting projects.  After reading Rachel Hollis’ Girl, Wash Your Face, I decided I should start setting goals for myself that would allow me to feel more fulfilled and follow my dreams.  What is my ultimate dream life? An uber successful fashion and lifestyle blogger.  Now, that ain’t gunna happen anytime soon, but baby steps! I’m starting with what I know best, which is DIYs and crafting! Hope you’ll join me in celebrating all things fun!